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The World’s Oldest Textile Still Reigns

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Our office has always had a special place in our heart for felt and we’ve noticed the universal appreciation has grown immensely too. It was apparent at Neocon this month that every manufacturer has officially embraced the Felt movement; each offering their own rendition of felt products. It’s remarkable just how many design possibilities this simple textile can offer. Felt has undoubtedly become a designers dream, and for good reason.



a kind of cloth made by rolling and pressing wool or another suitable textile accompanied by the application of moisture or heat, which causes the constituent fibers to mat together to create a smooth surface.

Fun Facts

  • Felt is quite possibly the oldest fabric known to man
  • Felt was discovered by St. Clement of Rome by accident
  • Felt is comprised of synthetic material with wool, just wool alone or synthetic material alone
  • Felt is non-woven, so it is incredibly easy to create and manipulate
  • Felt is water resistant
  • Felt can literally be planned anyway your creative heart desires…seriously

Below are a couple of our favorite felt products…

Haworth Openest

Haworth Openest

Bolyu Svelte Flooring

Bolyu Svelte Flooring

Neocon 2014 Knoll FilzFelt

Neocon 2014 Knoll FilzFelt





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We See Potential Everywhere. Making Our Clients Vision a Reality…It’s Just What We Do.

Client Highlight – Seyferth Blumenthal Harris

by Clockwork

interior renovation in an existing office space…


Our relationship with Seyferth Blumenthal Harris (SBH) extends back 8 years to when we completed their previous office in a historically renovated structure.  The firm had grown significantly over the years and the design of the space remained of critical importance to the leadership team.

The challenge of the new space was to design a collaborative, efficient and attractive space that maximized their stellar views while holding true to the historical features of the building and provide a professional but slightly less formal layout.

The SBH leadership team sought an entry space that would instantly induce a state of calmness for their client’s upon arrival. To successfully achieve their vision, we were able to take full advantage of our diverse portfolio and draw inspiration from our hospitality projects across the globe.  The open collaborative space allows attorneys and support staff to come together and share ideas without having to reserve formal conference spaces. All of the finishes in the space were chosen to emphasize the firm’s culture, one of confidence but without pretense.

Acting as a trusted advisor, our team negotiated on behalf of SBH to ensure they received the highest quality possible at the lowest achievable cost. A simple exposed concrete floor and exposed ceilings through much of the circulation space allowed construction dollars to be spent where they could achieve the biggest impact.


“…we were able to take full advantage of our diverse portfolio and draw inspiration from our hospitality projects across the globe…”


KVC Health Systems Ground Breaking

by Clockwork

Please join us this Thursday May 29, 2014 for a special ground breaking for KVC Health Systems, 21350 W. 153rd Street Olathe, KS  66061.

KVC Groundbreak Boards Spread_lq

$50M apartment project in the River Market

by Clockwork

We are excited to be partnered with the talented Johnathan Arnold on this incredible project.

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Sneak Peek – Clockwork Conference Table

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Urban Core Group Event @ Clockwork

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Celebrate the URBAN CORE – 2014
Clockwork Architecture + Design

Come Join Us, Explore And Learn More

Clockwork was founded 9 years ago upon the simple idea of challenging status quo.  They wanted to create a consulting firm that delivered projects on time and on budget.  They wanted to create beautiful buildings and spaces that were memorable. Their amazing clients have said that Clockwork accomplished those goals, repeatedly. The team they have proposed is who will work with you on your project. They have traded layers of management and unnecessary overhead of large firm structures for focused accountability.  They design for the triple bottom line; They create designs with ecological, social, and financial performance.

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PLACE: Clockwork Architecture + Design
423 Delaware St. * KCMO

DATE: Wednesday, March 26, 2014
5:30 P.M. – 7:30 P.M.

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Street parking is available.

$20.00 Guest Fee Payable At The Door.

Membership and Guest Fees can be paid by credit/debit card at the event.

Group Tour @ The Roasterie

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We spend each day caffeinating our office with the City of Fountains Roasterie blend, and of course taking the edge off with Dizzy Three.  So naturally, it made sense to plan our monthly staff after hour’s event touring the factory responsible for our habits…The Roasterie.

We are officially coffee snobs after an enlightening tour lead by Bean Baron himself, Mr. Danny O’Neill, and his talented Bean Hunter, Mr. John Ferguson.  Our trip was hands down one of our favorite group events yet. #KansasCity is lucky to have a quality brand like The Roasterie in our downtown.




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Join us April 3, 2014 @ the CoreNet Global Kansas City – Breakfast Panel Discussion


inspiration from nature!

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This video on is absolutely breathtaking.  A little peek where our inspiration comes from!