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Children's National Health System Annapolis Clinic

The out-patient clinic in Annapolis provides a blood draw lab, radiology and x-ray lab, patient exam rooms, cast room, conference/ cafe, and associated open physician work areas. Our design solution worked to address and incorporate a few fundamental strategies:  view, daylight, and the concept of personal space. A clean and well-defined planning diagram with a very succinct use of premier finishes offers an intuitive circulation path with view and daylight at every turn.

"There's beautiful art that's colorful, exciting, very modern. The lighting is subtle and takes advantage of all the natural light, and it just has a very warm feel. It doesn't feel like a clinical space. You can go there and get the best possible pediatric care; at the same time, you don't feel like you're in a hospital or a physician's office."

– Amy Goodwin, Children's National Executive Director, Pub. Relations & Corp. Comm.

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