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Our approach to the world of architecture has never been conventional, and we pride ourselves on our adaptability. Looking at the landscape today, it’s clear there is a need to be unique while, at the same time, the demand to be easy and accommodating has never been greater. With this top of mind, we now offer branding and advertising capabilities when the need presents itself. This allows us to set up our operations and services into two distinct platforms designed to help clarify your vision and exceed all expectations. It’s business as unusual at Clockwork.

Interior Design
Product Design

After 15 years, we continue to challenge the status quo, with no signs of letting up. The level of commitment and attention to detail you have come to expect from us has only intensified. With our diverse backgrounds, including industrial design, fabrication, construction, and real estate development, we see solutions where others only see problems. Whether you’re taking over an existing space, launching a new venture, building from scratch, or developing a grand vision from the ground up, our integrated approach is how we successfully get your project from concept to completion — and beyond.

Brand Identity
Brand Development

Whenever there’s a need for brand development from the most rudimentary to the exquisitely detailed, we are ready to engage. Through our strategic and creative process, a story and emotional connection is developed. This helps everyone — from developers and builders to investors and city councils — connect with the project, allowing them to see it through the eyes of the intended tenants and buyers. This is a true creative experience, and much more than the “I just need a logo” approach.

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