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Spring Venture Group

Spring Venture Group, one of Kansas City's fastest growing companies, wanted their space to reflect their brand: cool, hip, and fun. Relocating to a downtown headquarters offered the live-work-play lifestyle that people across Kansas City are increasingly seeking. To appeal to their workforce, exposed concrete floors, ceilings, and ductwork update the space for today's market. The idea was to maintain as much of the exposed structure as possible without it feeling cold and unfinished. Wood acoustical clouds, casework, and wallcovering were added to the conference and meeting areas to provide a warm environment and contrast the industrial design of the rest of the office. The reactionary design approach has not only elevated the agents' success, but has created an environment where employees are proud to work.


"Moving into our new office, our goal was to create a space that enables a culture of collaboration. Clockwork's contemporary design flows seamlessly into our panoramic views, establishing an inspiring atmosphere that makes us feel right at home in the heart of Kansas City."

– Chris Giuliani, CEO Spring Venture Group

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