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20 For 20: Starfish Project Foundation

The mission of the Starfish Project Foundation is to connect lives, resources, and acts of kindness to address the true needs of the community. They focus on providing free services such as food distribution, toiletry bags, haircuts, health screenings, and weekend food bags for children. The organization supports a variety of populations including the homeless, veterans, and those fleeing domestic violence, while also encouraging volunteerism and community service. They aim to make a positive impact through direct aid and fostering community connections.

Last month, Clockwork employees assembled "blessing bags" for the homeless community as one of our 20 for 20 initiatives. These bags contain essential items such as toiletries, snacks, and water, and are distributed by Starfish Project volunteers who keep them in their cars to hand out to individuals in need.

Receiving blessing bags offers several significant benefits to the homeless population. First and foremost, these bags provide relief by supplying essential items which address immediate survival needs. This instant access to necessities helps homeless individuals manage day-to-day living more effectively.

Improved hygiene and health are another crucial benefit. Access to hygiene products and first-aid supplies allows individuals to maintain personal cleanliness and manage minor health issues, thereby reducing the risk of infections and illnesses. This is especially important for those who have limited access to sanitary facilities.

Moreover, the act of receiving a thoughtfully assembled blessing bag can significantly boost morale and provide a sense of dignity. Knowing that someone has taken the time to prepare and distribute these bags can make homeless individuals feel cared for and valued, which is crucial for their mental well-being.

Additionally, the distribution of blessing bags facilitates connections between the homeless population and the community. These interactions can foster a sense of community and may lead to connections with support services and resources, potentially aiding in long-term recovery and stability. Overall, blessing bags offer practical support and emotional upliftment, significantly contributing to the well-being and dignity of the homeless population.


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