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  • Bo Govea

Promontorio + Clockwork: Brand Builders

LISBON + KANSAS CITY — Promontorio and Clockwork are pleased to announce a design joint venture that will focus on large-scale hospitality-forward mixed-use developments with strong experiential retail and living environments. Promontorio’s extensive portfolio of award-winning destination hospitality design, combined with Clockwork’s housing, entertainment, and workplace experience throughout the US, will allow this new venture to provide an ROI-focused design approach to a highly underserved market.

Promontorio is a European-based firm with their main offices in Lisbon, and an extensive portfolio of award-winning work with a specific emphasis on hospitality and retail projects. Their notable clients include Grosvenor, Carlyle, Perella Weinberg, Petronas and Kingdom Holding, as well as the sovereign funds of Qatar and Kuwait. Their ability to deliver breathtaking results in destinations as diverse as Portugal, Qatar, Spain, Switzerland, Oman, Mozambique, Vietnam, or the US clearly illustrates their ability to find solutions where others only encounter problems.

Clockwork is a US-based firm with its main office in Kansas City and has long been recognized for infusing a hospitality design point of view into their commercial projects. Clockwork’s notable clients include GE, AMC, Garmin, Google, and Tesla. This partnership will allow an expansion of this unique approach to occur at a world-class level. A number of core attributes overlap in each company’s culture map but the one that consistently rises to the top is the relentless pursuit of their client’s best interests.

“The idea of European design influence is well established in major US markets, but it often comes with an ego and cost that is not sustainable from a business point of view. This partnership will allow the best of both worlds.”

“We’ve always looked outside our geographic markets for design inspiration, to avoid the repetitive patterns that many of our competitors can’t seem to avoid.”

“We believe that everyone is seeking to differentiate in the war for customers and talent and this will provide an effective solution.”

Promontorio already has a couple US-based projects underway, and this partnership will facilitate rapid expansion into an underserved US market with an initial focus on the southern half of the US and into the Caribbean.

Leading the joint venture will be Paulo Martins-Barata and Paulo Perloiro, founding partners of Promontorio; Christian Arnold, Founding Principal Clockwork; and Bo Govea as Director of Business Development. Bo has a deep history of cultivating relationships and assembling teams of experts. He splits his time between Kansas City and Lisbon and can be reached at 913-220-9097, or


About Promontorio

PROMONTORIO is a full-service design firm founded by Paulo Martins-Barata, João Luís Ferreira, Paulo Perloiro, Pedro Appleton and João Perloiro, that began in 1990 in Lisbon as an experimental studio, and grew into a practice of over 60 architects, urban planners, landscape architects, interior designers, product designers and graphic designers. Our process springs from a dynamic and focused design culture that fosters collaboration above all. This cohesive and interactive structure enables us to deal with large and complex projects both in terms of design and program. PROMONTORIO has accomplished a wide range of buildings from schools, museums and cultural institutions, to housing, offices, hotels and retail. We have offices in Portugal, Kuwait, Mozambique and Qatar and partnerships in Algeria, Angola, Brazil, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Scandinavia, Spain, Switzerland and the UAE. However, rather than geographically, we are organized in practice teams, ensuring that each project benefits from the expertise of our most talented people. In addition to our international partnerships, we have developed strategic associations with consultants, all of which come together to provide a solid hands-on experience and offer a holistic design perspective. Learn more at

About Clockwork

Clockwork is a multi-disciplinary team of deeply experienced architects, designers, and brand strategists that began in 2004 in Kansas City. Our integrated approach yields creative solutions and refreshing results that do more than just support our clients’ business goals — they become an extension of them. Our trusted advisor approach builds immediate trust within our solutions as they seek to deliver financial and environmental results that are often foreign to others in our industry. Our projects span across North America and range from complex multi-building historic renovations to complex mixed-use commercial projects for AMC, Garmin, Google and Tesla. With a mission to integrate the emotional connection between brands and the physical spaces in which they are manifested, we give our clients the edge over the competition in the war for talent, tenants, residents, and customers. Learn more at

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