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  • Jon Waynick

A Country Club Style Living Apartment: Unique Details

The Boutique Retirement Club at Canyon Ridge is a development we are working on in Lenexa, Kansas. Our client is the Overland Property Group, based in Leawood, Kansas. They have experience working on different levels of multifamily housing, including low income, market rate, and senior.

Recently, they started developing more of a country club-style living apartment. They completed their first one in the spring of 2019, in Leawood. They are also building one in Colorado Springs, which is in a similar stage as the one we are working on.

The thing we love about this type of client is in the details, the uniqueness of the project. Here are a few things that make it unique:

  • These apartments are meant for active seniors who are used to affluent living. It's a unique offering because they are targeting a very specific demographic. It isn't for every active senior. These living spaces are for the people who can afford expensive lifestyles, people who drive-high end cars and are moving from luxury houses.

  • The Overland Property Group says that the people who want to move in have lived in large houses and have become tired of taking care of those homes. They are scaling down.

  • It's very much a community. They have painting classes in an art room and many other similar activities. They have a pool and a spa. There are many nice little touches that make this a unique place to live.

  • It comes down to a mindset. They treat their residents differently. The staff know all of the residents. It's not just an apartment where you get the feeling that management is just there to collect your check and put off your maintenance ticket as long as they can.

  • Everything about these residence communities is very high quality. From the second you walk in, everywhere you go is very lush, with dark, rich wood inlay. The Boutique Retirement Club logo is inlaid in the tile, which looks amazing. They have commissioned modern artists to create art for display throughout the building.

  • They have a restaurant and bar in the two-story community-focused part of the building. The restaurant and bar will be run by PB&J Restaurants, Inc. As part of the rent, residents have a number of points or dollars that they can use in the community restaurant or bar. Plus, if they're out and about, they can use those points or dollars at the other PB&J restaurants located around town.

It's one of those projects that we're really excited about. The work we get to do delivers a level of quality that last for years. We get to design the building and all the unique spaces within, right down to the smallest of details that make people feel at home and give them the ability to enjoy their luxury lifestyle.

We're through the planning process now and are starting to work on the design and construction drawings. Before the end of 2020, we'll be well under construction.

If you are in need of high-end design for your multifamily housing development, contact us at 816.599.2350 or We look forward to hearing from you.

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