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  • Jon Waynick

A Country Club Style Living Apartment: Exterior and Surrounding Community

In our previous post, we shared the unique details of country club style living apartments. In this post, we will share some of the aspects of the exterior and how it impacts the local community.

The Overland Property Group works to purposely design each location to fit that specific community. They do this through the exterior design of the building and through their relationship with the community.

The apartment complex that we are designing in Lenexa has a modern farmhouse feel. Lenexa is somewhat removed from the urban core, and the site itself is out by the woods, surrounded by trees and paths. Here are a few things about this particular community:

One of the finish materials that we are using on the outside of the building is corrugated metal to give the feel of a grain silo. There are little splashes of that around the building to remind one of driving through western Kansas and seeing all the farms.

They wanted to tip their hat to Kansas farmland. A modern farmhouse feel will be present throughout the entire design of the building.

We are also using standing seam metal roofs, a lot like the roofs you see out in western Kansas. Standing seam refers to the way it is installed. It comes in long strips of metal, roughly two feet wide, and on the end the strips are bent up. The vertical edges are placed against each other and then crimped to attach them to one another.

Back in the day, it was a really inexpensive way to install a roof. Since then, they have advanced the quality of standing seam roofs. It is both a high-quality roof and gives the sense of belonging in a modern farm motif.

Overland Property Group prioritizes quality. Many developers will first decide what they can charge for rent in a particular location, and then translate that into how much they can spend to build their facility. Overland Property Group does the opposite. They first look at how they want to build the next facility, knowing their demographic is willing to pay more.

Their process is not about slimming it down and faking a high level of quality with design. They want these communities to not only look nice but to be superior and withstand the test of time. The people who live there understand high quality. They know what it feels like.

Overland Property Group works hard to be partners with the community neighbors, which can be unique for developers. Sometimes other developers like to come in guns a-blazing and say, "This is what we're doing and I don't care what you think."

They take the opposite approach. They want to be a member of the community. Besides being a good practice, they know that the people who live in nearby homes could eventually move into their facility or have a parent move there.

Overland Property Group's approach tends to be unique, and we excel in designing unique buildings and spaces. We also appreciate the community impact.

If you are in need of high-end design for your multifamily housing development, contact us at 816.599.2350 or We look forward to hearing from you.

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