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Preserving Hidden Gems in a Historic Building

As architects and designers, one of the most rewarding aspects of our job is uncovering hidden gems in old buildings. There's a certain magic in discovering elements that have been hidden away for decades, waiting to be restored to their former glory.

Not only does salvaging architectural elements help to preserve the history of a building, but it can also add a unique charm and character that often can't be replicated in modern construction. Recently, our hospitality team toured an abandoned building that was once a bustling seven-story bank. Although the building has sat empty for decades, remnants of the old design were still intact, providing a glimpse into the past. Although we may not be able to salvage everything, these elements will be documented and used as inspiration for the design team.

A few of our team's favorite discoveries while touring the building was the basement bank-vault, still intact just waiting to be turned into an intimate speakeasy. Wall to wall paneling unveiled two hidden doors. Behind one sat a wet bar and behind the other, a full bathroom. The team captured photos of textiles and fixtures that were miraculously still in-tact after decades. All of which will be infused into the renovation of the building into various ways.

The importance of restoration and salvaging architectural elements cannot be overstated. By preserving these hidden gems, we not only pay homage to the history of a building, but we also create unique and inspiring spaces that are unlike anything else out there. We are excited to watch this project turn from an abandoned bank to a 43 key boutique hotel. We invite you to follow along on this transformative journey.


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