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Relentlessly Resourceful


to LISTEN ACTIVELY and RELENTLESSLY pursue our client's goals

Our transparent process builds trust to help our client's win in the

competition for new talent, residents, and customers

to be RELENTLESSLY RESOURCEFUL as we build our client's brands


Each year during our Strategic Review meeting we reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re headed. Our Mission is always being refined and this year given the business climate we were entering we added the word ‘Resourceful’.

We are in the business of building brands, figuratively and literally speaking.


Define Relentlessly Resourceful:

Paul Graham of Y Combinator coined this phrase years ago and it seems as relevant now as it did then. Being resourceful never loses its shine. His context is startups but applies to how we build brands, Here’s an excerpt

Some people are just constitutionally passive, but others have a latent ability to be relentlessly resourceful that only needs to be brought out.

This is particularly true of young people who have till now always been under the thumb of some kind of authority. Being relentlessly resourceful is definitely not the recipe for success in big companies, or in most schools. I don't even want to think what the recipe is in big companies, but it is certainly longer and messier, involving some combination of resourcefulness, obedience, and building alliances.


1. Creativity and Problem-Solving: Design, like entrepreneurship, often involves solving complex problems. Being relentlessly resourceful in design means approaching design challenges with a creative and innovative mindset. Our secret sauce comes from our ability to master multiple areas of discipline and cross pollinate what works in one area to another.

In our meeting with a recent restaurant client they mentioned that in the years of working with their previous architect that they had never been asked the type and quality of questions that we asked. They mentioned that it was a very refreshing approach. For us, it’s in our DNA.


2. Adaptability: In the world of startups, being relentlessly resourceful often means adapting to changing circumstances and finding ways to pivot when necessary. Our core value of Agile recognizes that projects can evolve, client requirements can change, and unforeseen challenges can arise. When others are rigid, we need to be adaptable and flexible in our approach to meet these challenges head-on.

In our kickoff meeting with a workplace project, the client began mentioning spaces that they had seen that were good examples. They mentioned Spring Venture, Barkley and Lead Bank….all Clockwork projects. It became clear that our ability to create memorable projects was evident and that they’d picked the right team.


3. Learning and Growth: Graham emphasizes the importance of learning and self-improvement in his essay. Designers should also continuously seek to expand their knowledge and skills. Whether it's learning new design software, staying updated on design trends, or acquiring knowledge in related fields like psychology or user experience, being relentlessly resourceful in design means never stopping the pursuit of improvement. We believe if you’re not growing, you’re dying.

On a recent project kick-off, our client mentioned how the last architect they worked with seemed to come with their own agenda. As a result they have not felt very comfortable being in their space for the last 8 years. They felt our consultative approach was a very holistic experience and nothing like they’d ever experienced before.


4. Persistence and Resilience: Startups often face setbacks and failures. In design, projects may not always go as planned, and designers may encounter criticism or rejection. Being relentlessly resourceful means having the resilience to bounce back from setbacks, learn from failures, and keep pushing forward with determination.

One of our multifamily clients called in the morning needing a rough plan sketch, then called back at lunch saying a full site plan was needed. We reworked other commitments for the day and delivered the necessary plans for the critical meeting to avoid delays.


5. User-Centered Approach: Just as entrepreneurs need to understand their customers and market, designers should have a deep understanding of their target audience. Being relentlessly resourceful in design involves conducting user research, actively listening to our clients, like a good reporter to hear what’s not being said. to really hear what they aren’t saying.

The principles of being "Relentlessly Resourceful" can be applied to design problems at Clockwork by doing more with less. The process of editing and reduction is the key element that results in our design solutions costing much less than the solutions of our competitors. Less but better.


About Clockwork

Our Mission

To LISTEN, UNDERSTAND, and RELENTLESSLY pursue our client’s goals. Our transparent process to build our client’s brands provides the edge over the competition in the war for talent, tenants, residents, and customers.

Our Promise

From the first meeting through the finishing touches of a project, our clients aren’t just part of the process — they’re part of our team. We call it expertise without ego. We provide a completely transparent and honest approach to every project. This allows us to constantly deliver agile and innovative results on time and on budget all over the world. These aren’t just empty words, they’re part of our core values.

This is our commitment and promise to you.

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