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  • Jenny Christenson

Seyferth Blumenthal Harris

Interior renovation in an existing office space …

Our relationship with Seyferth Blumenthal Harris (SBH) extends back eight years to when we completed their previous office in a historically renovated structure. The firm had grown significantly over the years and the design of the space remained of critical importance to the leadership team.

The challenge of the new space was design a collaborative, efficient, and attractive space that maximized their stellar views while holding true to the historical features of the building and provide a professional but slightly less formal layout.

The SBH leadership team sought an entry space that would instantly induce a state of calmness for their clients upon arrival. To successfully achieve their vision, we were able to take full advantage of our diverse portfolio and draw inspiration from our hospitality projects across the globe. The open collaborative space allows attorneys and support staff to come together and share ideas without having to reserve formal conference spaces. All of the finishes in the space were chosen to emphasize the firm's culture, one of confidence without pretense.

Acting as a trusted advisor, our team negotiated on behalf of SBH to ensure they received the highest quality possible at the lowest achievable cost. A simple exposed concrete floor and exposed ceilings through much of the circulation space allowed construction dollars to be spent where they could achieve the biggest impact.

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