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Shadows & Sips: Crafting Culinary Excellence at OMBRA

Photo By: Nate Sheets Photography

OMBRA small plates + libations stands as a symbol of culinary ingenuity in Briarcliff Village, a fusion of design and culinary art that reshapes the dining experience. Formerly an empty storefront, OMBRA now offers a unique journey blending tradition with modernity. Inspired by the Venetian phrase "Dame'un Ombra," it invites guests to explore Venetian culture where shadows hold secrets and wine is steeped in history.

At OMBRA, design isn't just about looks—it's about creating an atmosphere. Inspired by Venice's narrow streets and hidden corners, the design team plays with light and shadow. Metal screens and window films cast intricate patterns, while a custom wine display adds to the ambiance.

Layers of shadow add depth to OMBRA's design, making it feel cozy yet intriguing. The metal screens, reminiscent of Venetian architecture, define different areas and create captivating shadows. Combined with the lighting, window film and the wine display, they make every visit a journey of discovery.

To enhance the worldly ambiance, OMBRA uses deep-toned finishes like walnut and jewel-toned blues. These materials give the space a sense of sophistication, while also serving as a canvas for the interplay of light and shadow.

Photo By: Nate Sheets Photography

OMBRA is deeply committed to fostering connections within the community, which is why we sought out the expertise of local artisans to bring our vision to life. Collaborating closely with a skilled metal fabricator, we crafted intricate metal screens and a custom wine display that reflect the essence of Venetian architecture. These pieces not only serve functional purposes but also contribute to the ambiance by casting captivating shadows and patterns throughout the space. Additionally, partnering with a local glass blowing shop, we created handcrafted glass pendant lights that illuminate the space with warmth while adding elegance and sophistication. Through these collaborative partnerships, we not only showcase the talent and expertise of our local artisans but also foster a sense of community and pride in the OMBRA experience. Each piece tells a story and adds authenticity to our immersive dining environment, creating memorable moments for our guests to cherish.

In essence, OMBRA isn't just a restaurant; it's an immersive experience that transports guests to Venice's storied streets. By embracing shadows and the spirit of "Dame'un Ombra," OMBRA offers a culinary adventure that celebrates tradition and innovation.

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