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  • Santina Cessor

Light It Up

The key to taking a project from good to great is thoughtful lighting

It's no secret: lighting affects the overall success of every design. That is exactly why conscious lighting integration is at the forefront of every project we approach. Our diverse experience and integrated design approach yields innovative solutions and refreshing results that support our client's business goals. We think creatively about each element of design, in particular quality illumination.

Lucky for us and our customers, several members of our staff have an extensive background in architectural lighting, including Principal Neil Sommers. With 20 years of lighting experience, Neil has remained active in IESNA and his work has won numerous awards including the prestigious international SEGD lighting award. The unrestricted creativity inspires, guides, and supports our team to pursue personalized lighting solutions in each project.

The secret: we maximize the natural daylight with architectural elements and supplement with purposeful, energy-efficient lighting. Each space is analyzed in three dimensions and checked for color rendering index, lux results at the intended target workplane, and watts per square foot to verify energy efficiency. This results in an environment that is both inviting and productive for its users.

The given: good design leads to happy customers. Our customers are our largest asset, so striking the right solution is imperative.

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