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  • Fraser Monk

Integrating the Emotional Connection Between Your Brand and its Physical Space

A brand is much more than a name and a logo. It’s the emotional takeaway people have when interacting and connecting with it. The brand experience isn’t what a company says about itself, but the thoughts and feelings people are left with. The translation and integration of the brand experience into the physical environment is critical. How people perceive and interact with a company’s mission and values is paramount in achieving harmonious cultures and productive spaces.

In fact, when branding is incorporated throughout the process, architecture and interior design are key vehicles to consistently communicate your brand message. You want anyone who enters your doors — whether it’s an employee, customer, or potential partner — to immediately recognize and experience your brand in the surroundings.

Our own Elle Abernathy, a designer and LEED Green Associate here at Clockwork, explains the benefits of getting it right:

"A disconnect between your brand and your office interiors creates confusion for your customer and just muddles their perception of who you really are. On the flip side, a space that accurately reflects the company brand reinforces your message and helps validate what you’re trying to communicate. The difference can be substantial.”

Getting it Right

One of our recent projects is a great example of this integrated approach. RiskAnalytics is an innovative cyber security company based in Merriam, Kan. The company was already working with Tyger the Lion, an advertising and branding shop, on a complete brand redesign, and we were brought in as a partner to bring the new brand to life throughout the company’s new 25,000-square-foot headquarters.

RiskAnalytics wanted to create a workspace that visually represented the cutting-edge work they do. At the same time, they wanted to increase collaboration and improve both the employee and client experience while they were in the office. We integrated the newly established logo and brand elements throughout the space, including the floor tiles, lighting, and wall colors. We even routed the Morse code brand message, “The Art of Security,” from the logo into wood, metal, and on glazing film throughout.

RiskAnalytics CEO Jeff Stull put it this way:

"Our vision was to create an innovative and disruptive technology company. Our new workspace emphasizes that what we do is important and has meaningful purpose. No matter where you were in the office the brand and our ethos were organically expressed. The space became more than a mere place to sit employees, it reminded us of who we were and what we aspired to become."

The finished space completely embraces the new brand, and sets an immediate tone when you walk in. It not only creates a more appealing environment for internal employees, but allows the company to better compete with other tech firms for business as well as candidates.

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