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Clockwork One-for-One

In recent years, we have had the opportunity to reflect on the immense value of serving where it is needed most. At Clockwork, we consider ourselves fortunate to utilize our time, talent, and resources to make a positive impact on people worldwide.

For every project Clockwork designs, we commit to building a water well in addition. We call this "Design for Life." This gift of life-giving water serves as a profound sign of gratitude to our clients, by providing access to the world's most precious commodity: water. Shockingly, 785 million individuals globally, or one out of every ten people, lack access to clean water. This scarcity often places a heavy burden on women and children to find water. Collectively 200 million hours each day are spent fetching water for their families. We are working to change that.

With "Design for Life," we strive to address this global water crisis and create a meaningful change. By offering clean water, we empower communities, breaking the cycle of water scarcity, and fostering progress for a brighter, more sustainable future. Together, we are determined to make a difference, ensuring that every individual can thrive with the essential resources they deserve.

This graphic represents just a small fraction of the wells that have been installed as part of our "Design for Life" mission.


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