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  • Chris Jimenez

Indie Congress

Our hospitality team had the opportunity to attend the Independent Lodging Congress (Indie Congress) in Austin, where we connected with independent hotel owners, operators, and creatives. We engaged in conversations about purpose-driven design, intentionality, and hospitality’s life-changing impact.

One key takeaway was the idea of driving social change through designing spaces that connect individuals with their communities. We were inspired by the notion of giving back to communities through an ‘impact fee,’ which donates a small percentage of the guest’s bill to the community. The idea of sharing your success with those in need aligns with our mission as a firm of giving back. For every new project the Clockwork team brings in, one clean water well is donated to a community in Africa.

As hospitality designers, we have the unique opportunity to impact the human experience through design. We are of the belief that all design decisions should prioritize the guests’ experience and the greater good of the community. The following closing statement beautifully encapsulated the ethos of the event and the importance of our job as designers and change-makers: 'We have the opportunity to make magic in a world that truly needs it.'


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