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Practicing Gratitude

Through the ups and downs of changing markets, world events, and day-to-day challenges it is important to take a moment to reflect on all the things we are grateful for this year.

At Clockwork we practice gratitude in a variety of ways, both internally among our staff, and externally to our clients, consultants, and partners. Expressing our gratitude to clients helps us achieve our goals of becoming a trusted partner and providing the highest value to our clients. Internally, showing gratitude helps us maintain a healthy balance for our staff, recognizing and rewarding individual contributions.

We have many initiatives that enable us to express gratitude for our team members. Our Clockwork Dashboard, discussed in a previous post, provides a monthly reward that gives back to our employees creating opportunities to build company culture, experience new things, and recharge with time off. While reviewing our dashboard we also share what we call: Clockwork Stories. These stories give us a space to recognize and thank team members who went above and beyond, put in extra effort, or demonstrated a core value.

Recent stories have varied from team members who stepped up to help on tight schedules, came up with money saving design solutions, or helped a coworker with a dead car battery! Taking a moment to be grateful for everyone on our team helps us build a strong community and lets individuals know they are valued.

Our dashboard also helps us track and show gratitude to partners outside our firm. We set and track goals to send out thank you cards and appreciation gifts to our clients, consultants, and project referrers. In the age of digital communication, taking the time to send a handwritten note demonstrates how we value our partnerships. Additionally, we feel giving back is one of the best ways to demonstrate our gratitude. Through our “Design for Life” program we work to build water wells for every project we design. See our One-for-One post for more detail on how we accomplish this goal.

So as the year comes to an end and we enter the holiday season, all of us at Clockwork want to take a moment to say thank you to all our consultants, clients, partners, and friends. Thank you for all the opportunities to work together this year and all the future to come!


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