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The Power of the Smallest Details

It's often said that the 'devil is in the details'. As designers and architects, we couldn't agree more.


The significance of design details cannot be overstated, and it's these small elements that can make the most significant impact. Whether designing an office space, a new restaurant or anything in between, the meticulous consideration of even the smallest features has the power to take the design from good to exceptional.

No detail is too small to create an impact, and it's up to the designer to decide where to invest extra time in designing, detailing, and fabricating. The initial question we ask ourselves is, 'Who will interact with this element?' Will it be installed in an area accessible to customers or clients, where they can touch or view it? Or will this element reside in a space with minimal interaction? What may appear to be a seemingly insignificant and minute component, though small, possesses the potential to shine as the star of the show, contingent on its location within the space.

Cabinet pulls serve as one example of smaller elements that can often be overlooked because of their size and impact. When our design team was tasked with creating a customer-facing beverage station within a restaurant, they recognized this as an excellent opportunity to bolster the client's brand presence in the space. To accomplish this, the design crafted custom CNC-routed pulls, in the shape of a pineapple, which was the client’s logo. Despite their seemingly modest size, this detail further reinforced their brand into their restaurant.

The same pineapple logo was also infused into the space through custom spun wooden beer tap handles, providing a fun and tactile element.

Not all design details require a literal interpretation. One of the most exciting aspects of design is the opportunity to infuse a space with hidden messages and stories. In the case of a cybersecurity analytics company, our design team took this concept to a new level by incorporating the client's slogan in Morse code, which was then carefully etched into a custom wood feature wall. To most observers, it may appear as a random pattern, but it's a detail that only the company's staff can decode. This element has become an engaging story to share with office visitors, further reinforcing the company's commitment to security. It illustrates the power of subtlety in design.

Our job as designers is to create environments that resonate with our clients' brands and convey their unique narratives. From custom cabinet pulls to personalized beer taps, from hidden messages in feature walls to multipurpose pieces of furniture, every design detail can have a purpose and impact, no matter how minuscule.


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