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Work the Way You Want to Live: home//werk+

'While the workplace is evolving to accommodate the growing desire to work from home, current housing offerings and technology infrastructure are not adapting to meet this new demand, until now.'


In recent years, the landscape of the modern workplace has undergone a dramatic transformation, with an ever-increasing number of employees expressing a strong desire to work from home. The global pandemic of 2020 acted as an accelerator, catapulting remote work into the mainstream.

According to a survey conducted by Global Workplace Analytics, in 2021, 82% of surveyed US employees expressed a preference for working remotely. Another study found that 70% of managers say that working from home is the same or better for their team's performance.

While the workplace is evolving to accommodate the growing desire to work from home, current housing offerings and technology infrastructure are not adapting to meet this new demand, until now.

A new approach to traditional mixed-use developments, departing from the historical practice of placing office use on the first few levels and dedicating the remaining levels to residential developments. Instead, home//werk+ adopts a different strategy by vertically integrating co-working and residential solutions within the same building and same space. This innovative approach allows for the adaptive re-use of vacant office buildings, which has become increasingly prevalent due to the surge in remote working.


According to a recent ULI Article only 20-25% of North American buildings that are viable candidates for multifamily conversions. This is often the result when broad brush criteria are generically applied, but when home/werk+ is applied to buildings, it expands the criteria of eligible buildings considerably. This is due to the simple ability of revitalizing leasable areas that exists in buildings with deeper floor plates, a particular expertise that has arisen from Clockwork’s millions of feet of office building expertise.

Multi-family and mixed-use developments are booming in every major city, and so is the market for mobile professionals. However, their business and lifestyle needs are not adequately met by the complex offerings in the current market. The home//werk+ experience connects professionals with a global network of environments designed for 'deep work.' By leveraging technology and providing state-of-the-art facilities, the goal is to enhance productivity, promote flexibility, and foster entrepreneurship within the 21st-century distributed workforce.


home//werk+ was built on the model of providing turnkey workspaces integrated into residential units. It extracts essential components of a successful office space and infuses them into the residential units, aiming to facilitate small business incubation and support the growth of distributed workforce.

The home//werk+ model features acoustically sealed private workspaces, ensuring that distractions from your personal space are kept at a distance. The workspaces are equipped with data ports and internet service, providing reliable and robust connectivity through a well-established infrastructure network. Proper lighting design, being crucial for a productive workspace, has been meticulously considered to offer efficiency for both focused tasks and virtual meetings.

In addition to private office spaces connected to the living units, each floor also features a small co-working space that encourages communal work when appropriate. It provides social connectivity to facilitate interaction among the remote workforce, fostering peer mentoring and entrepreneurial job growth.

As we move into a new era of work, the desire for employees to work from home is undoubtedly going to increase. By adopting innovative solutions like the home//werk+ model, we can creatively adapt to the changing workforce while also ensuring sustainable practices are met by repurposing discarded office buildings through adaptive re-use.


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